every child deserves a safe home.


impoverished children for a better future.


is to LOVE and CARE for the orphans.


healthy food to feed the community.


to join us in this mission.

The Impact of Ebenezer is Worldwide

“When my wife Jane Lee and I first visited Ebenezer Children’s Trust and heard the founding “mother” Ranji tell her moving story about the poorest of the orphans in Livingstone we were hooked. Ebenezer school and orphanage are changing the future for these children”

Larry Winter

Ebenezer Foundation US Board Member, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

“I first encountered Ebenezer orphanage and school by chance, on my travels to Zambia in my sabbatical year 2010. The amount of faith and love that was so obvious from the staff in nurturing, supporting and educating these orphans, made me want to become involved and I’ve been a donor and supporter ever since.”

Melanie Ashleigh

ECCT Board Member, Southampton, UK

“The Ebenezer Foundation, U.S. was founded in 2009 by a young high school girl who traveled to Livingstone with her cousin and uncle.   Since that time, our donors have been honored to support the Ebenezer Child Care Trust, whose beautiful children deserve a happy and safe childhood.   Our mission to serve drives our efforts to continually reach out to our friends, family and colleagues and ask them to give generously.   We thank the wonderful staff of the Ebenezer Child Care Trust for their dedication.” 

Felicia McClain

President, Ebenezer Foundation US, Oak Hill, Virginia, USA

“We love that Ebenezer not only educates the children in the classroom, but also seeks to teach them life skills through their farm, which also helps to sustain Ebenezer.  We are continually blessed by the testimonies of children’s lives who have been saved by coming to know the Lord and through the incredible care that they receive through Ebenezer. We truly feel honored to be able to be a part of Ebenezer’s mission and changing the lives of these children.”

Brad & Sarah Shepler

Suttons Bay, Michigan, USA

“We came across Ebenezer in March 2005 when it was a small charity renting four houses where 50 children lived and received some teaching. We immediately helped to buy the primary school building and went on to form the UK registered charity, Friends of Ebenezer Child Care in 2007.   Our charity helped to build some of the children’s homes at Ebenezer Village and set up the farm together with our Australian counterparts. We have been so blessed by being able to support our family of Ebenezer children during our retirement years.”

Keith & Anne Olford

Founders of Friends of Ebenezer Child Care U.K., Par, Cornwall, UK.

”I have the privilege to be living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world – Switzerland. I visited Ebenezer 10 Years ago. On arrival at the school, children were singing a great song of glory to praise the Lord Jesus Christ. Children who had no hope, no future, and no sense of life were laughing, playing and enjoying childhood.  They had a future to look forward to, a future they were given by Ebenezer Child Care.”

George Fries

Menziken, Canton of Aargau, Switzerland

“Having known Mrs. Ranji Chara, the former Director of ECCT since the early 1990’s when we were both living in Botswana, I felt called to support her personally and her truly God ordained work in Livingstone.  In 2005 we established The Friends of Ebenezer Australia Inc. as a registered charity. The two scriptures that truly impacted me to make the decision to get involved with Ranji and this truly amazing work of saving vulnerable and orphaned children in Livingstone were Matthew 25:31-46 and James 1:27.”

Lenore Burton

Order of Australia Medal Director, Founder of Friends of Ebenezer Australia Inc., Maleny, Queensland Australia

“BarnSamariten, Sweden, has been supporting the Ebenezer Child Care Trust since 2001.  Our heart has been touched and we support the babies’ home.” 

Stefan Strom

Information Coordinator BarnSamariten, Bankeryd, Sweden

“My husband and I went to Livingstone for 6 weeks in 2009, worked at the Ebenezer Child Care Trust and saw the wonderful results of education and care of poor and needy children in the area.  We decided to give support through our business and personally to such a worthwhile cause.”

John and Jenny Park

Maleny, Queensland, Australia

“I have seen the tough life the children in Africa are living.  Investing in these children’s lives is giving them the chance to grow into people who can help their society and our world.” 

Janna Pameijer

Curramore, Queensland, Australia

The Ebenezer Child Care Trust sincerely thanks all of our donors for their faithful support of the children.
We are so grateful for their unwavering generosity.

Every Dollar Goes a Long Way

Currently, the Ebenezer orphanage has 48 children and Ebenezer school has 475 children who are the most vulnerable in society. These children come from homes affected and infected with HIV/AIDS, as well as with poverty and starvation. Ebenezer offers 24-hour care in the children's home, and also includes a school, farm, and community food assistance for children and families in the area. The school children are fed, clothed, and given a free education. The children bring nothing to the school but receive everything a child would need.


Our efforts partnered with your generosity change the lives of everyone connected to the Ebenezer Child Care Trust.

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There are 1.4 million orphaned children living in the country of Zambia, Africa. (UNICEF 2012)

HIV/AIDS is still prevalent. 1.2 million Zambians live with this disease. 160,000 of these are children. 13,000 children aged 0-19 years infected in 2018.

Fewer than 49% of primary school children in Zambia attend school past the 7th grade. (UNICEF 2014)